Are you suffering from ...

Sleep Apnea     Anxiety     Stress

 Migraines     A-Fib     TMJ Related Pain

Chronic Fatigue     Fibromyalgia, etc ?




Feeling great and not crummy all the time!


That you can live pain free! No drugs, No surgery 

Dr. Wayne Whitley

Oral System Balancing

What is our Oral System?

What People are Saying...

"Deep sleep that also allows for more ‘dream’ time. The result is a more rested feeling during the day.


During the day, I am able to maintain greater focus and my wife noticed I was more ‘present’ with the family and her. That may not sound like much but having ADD it is a big deal and it came without medication."


""After the first week, I took my appliance out for a couple of nights to see if it was really responsible for my dramatic improvements or if it was just a coincidence. Guess what! My headaches, nausea and shortness of breath immediately returned. Didn't take this idiot long to put that appliance back in. I can't wait until I get permanent one!"


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This information is intended to provide insight and understanding of oral functions and the science of Oral System Biology®. This science is dental, not medical, and is not a substitute for medical care or advice.  
Benefits of Oral System Biology® therapy outside of the oral system are not the intended result and may reflect an increase adaptive capacity. Patients may be asked to see their medical providers during Oral System Biology® care and it is never wrong to keep them informed of other health care.

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