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Nutrition is critical to the oral health of the individual.

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are vital to the growth,development, maintenance, and repair of healthy dentition andoral tissues as well as the body systems in general. Nutritionaldeficiencies and unhe...

Wearing a CPAP can be like bailing water out of a boat that has holes in it.

You are addressing the immediate problem of snoring and sleep apnea, but missing the cause.

The CPAP is trying to force air through a collapsed airway into the lungs when it could possibly be th...

Anxiety – butterflies, ants in pants, heebie-jeebies, pin and needles,

Hmmmm? That is an interesting synonym, a

nxiety and butterflies.

I guess the fluttering feeling we feel in our gut when we are anxious and worried can be characterized as a feeling of fluttering of but...

There is not much difference between children and adults. When adults get hungry and tired we get cranky too.  Most adults have the self-control not to throw a temper tantrum…well some do.

When we cram our schedules and are too busy, tired, and running out of energ...

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This information is intended to provide insight and understanding of oral functions and the science of Oral System Biology®. This science is dental, not medical, and is not a substitute for medical care or advice.  
Benefits of Oral System Biology® therapy outside of the oral system are not the intended result and may reflect an increase adaptive capacity. Patients may be asked to see their medical providers during Oral System Biology® care and it is never wrong to keep them informed of other health care.

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