Oral System Balancing (OSB)is "Smart!"

Everybody knows there is a difference between a smart phone and an older landline phone. They are both phones. The newest technology has many more capabilities.

Dental appliances look alike in many ways also, each with its own function. Some are for moving teeth. Another holds medicine or tooth whitening gel. Others retain teeth in place or protect the bite. Some are for treating jaw joint problems or to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

An OSB appliance is a "smart" appliance as it has more than one function, more capability than you can imagine. It works day and night balancing oral function (swallowing, speaking and breathing). The 24-hour approach makes more sense because the support also occurs while you are up, say 17 hours and asleep 7 hours. And the M.D.'s find themselves reducing meds and performing less surgery by using physiologic monitoring of vital signs throughout OSB treatment