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Dr. Whitley is considered by his patients as a doctor who cares about you as a person. You will find he will take the time to listen and that his passion is to enable people to experienced life to the fullest through O.S.B. treatment. Lets get you breathing freely again. 


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  2. Dr. Whitley will take picture of your throat, jaw, tongue to see if your tongue is blocking your airway.

  3. Get fitted for custom mouthpiece and begin to breath and watch your symptoms improve.

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Dr. Wayne L. Whitley, D.D.S., PLLC

2501 Princess Anne Street,

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Office: (540) 993-1091 


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2501 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401


(540) 993-1091 


This information is intended to provide insight and understanding of oral functions and the science of Oral System Biology®. This science is dental, not medical, and is not a substitute for medical care or advice.  
Benefits of Oral System Biology® therapy outside of the oral system are not the intended result and may reflect an increase adaptive capacity. Patients may be asked to see their medical providers during Oral System Biology® care and it is never wrong to keep them informed of other health care.

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