Frequently asked questions

How will I know if I am a candidate for an OSB appliance?

Dr. Whitley offers a free consultation. You will fill out an in-depth questionnaire and have a picture taken of your throat to see if the tongue is blocking your airway. Then Dr. Whitley will have a conversation with you to review your questionnaire.

I hear you treat ADHD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, MS, IBS, hip pain, etc.

Dr. Whitley does not treat specific diagnosis, but it is not uncommon for patients to experience a relief in the symptoms that lead them to receive their diagnosis. We treat jaw related muscle contraction concerns and how easily you can swallow, speak and breathe.

Does the orthotic need to be worn for the rest of my life?

This is the case for most patients. People feel so much better when they use the oral device, that after the initial phase of treatment, most want to continue with night time wear.

Can people tell you are wearing the orthotic?

There are different oral devices that your doctor may prescribe. If an oral device for daywear is needed, these oral devices are designed to be inconspicuous although people may notice that your speech is much clearer and other dramatic differences. Other differences may be improved posture, healthier skin tones, easier swallowing, reduced clearing of throat, more relaxed appearance.

Will I be able to speak clearly with the orthotic in my mouth?

Yes. There is a learning curve to get used to wearing the device. Nearly all our patients find the device comfortable and non-obtrusive.

What does the orthotic look like?

The orthotics fit on your teeth, similar to a retainer or night guard, although their function and comfort are not comparable.

Is this just a night guard like my dentist gave me?

If you have not been to a licensed OSB doctor, I can assure you that this orthotic is unlike any night guard you have had. Each orthotic is custom made and designed to address your specific concerns.

What is the cost?

The costs vary with each patient. We make it affordable and offer financing. The fees are for the patented OSB Therapeutic System that is only offered by licensed OSB doctors. Treatment is a process and may involve multiple office visits as healing takes place as well as diagnostic tests, x-rays, impressions and several orthotics.

Is OSB Therapy covered by insurance?

No. We do offer CareCredit to help you finance your health care.

Does Dr. Whitley treat patients from out of town?

As a matter of fact, most of his patients are from other parts of the world. Dr. Whitley arranges his schedule to accommodate the patient to receive treatment in one week.

Are there follow up visits?

Yes. Most patients come for continuing care visits every 6 months, some once a year. Accommodations are made for any emergency or breakage.

How long will the orthotic last? Does it wear out?

The state of the art material is durable and they are designed to last many years. Our patients report their appliance lasts from 5-15 years. Upon the occasional breakage, repairs can be quickly made. We emphasize that you take great care to protect it, keep it from your pets and clean and care for it.