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Do you have difficulty swallowing your food at mealtimes?  Does your spouse complain about your snoring?  Is it hard to take deep breaths?  All of these symptoms can be caused or made worse by the improper position of your tongue!    


How can my tongue be responsible for so many different problems? 

Just like hair stuck in the drain of a bathroom sink, the position of your tongue can cause a clog in your throat, causing problems breathing and swallowing.  The problems can cause or worsen a wide range of serious health problems:

  • Slouched posture or head position that is protruding forward as the body strains to breathe
  • Headaches and neck pain from maintaining this awkward posture
  • Anxiety and restlessness from the body's stress response to not getting enough oxygen  
  • Constant throat clearing as the body tries repeatedly to get more oxygen
  • Snoring and sleep problems such as sleep apnea
  • Acid reflux-type symptoms
  • Chronic hoarseness  

Thankfully there is a non-surgical, medication-free solution to these and other symptoms that actually targets the true underlying cause of the problem - a tongue that is out of position and is clogging up the system!

With a customized Oral System Biology® (OSB) appliance, (similar to a biteguard or Invisalign) the tongue can be repositioned to create a balanced relationship between the tongue, throat, and jaw.  For someone who has been out of balance for years, the impact of OSB® can be transformational on their overall health and wellness!

To ensure that an OSB® appliance is properly balancing the tongue, throat, and jaw we take detailed before and after measurements of our patients' heart rhythym, blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse rate, oxygen level, and heart rate variability. We also take before and after x-rays of our patients throat and jaw and record detailed patient reports related to changes in their symptoms.  

As our patients watch their blood pressure drop or their oxygen levels increase right before their eyes, they begin to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the OSB® appliance!


My wife tells me I snore at night.  Why should I choose Oral System Biology®  instead of one of those snoring appliances I see advertised on TV?

Snoring can be a serious signal that your tongue is out of balance with your throat and jaw and clogging up the system, leading to reduced oxygen levels and a wide range of serious health problems. The snoring appliances you see on TV tend to push a person's jaw forward, which may stop you from snoring, but they only target your symptom of snoring instead of the real problem - your improperly positioned tongue that is clogging the system!  To compound the problem, the bulky snoring appliance can clog a your breathing even more!  

Instead, the OSB® appliance is specifically customized for each patient to restore balance between your tongue, throat, and jaw.  This can not only eliminate the disturbing sound of snoring, but also result in a wide range of positive health benefits, such as increased oxygen levels, decreased blood pressure, and improved swallowing.


What are the steps involved in Oral System Biology® treatment?

1. An initial history is obtained to determine if you are a candidate. This allows us to learn as much about you and your unique situation to help you achieve greater wellness.  

2. Diagnostic casts from impressions of the mouth are made to study tooth anatomy, jaw configuration, etc. Using official OSB® equipment, specific body measurements are taken for analysis. This includes cephalometric x-ray, heart rate variability, EKG, and posture measurements. 

3. A treatment plan and type of appliance is determined by individual conditions and needs.

4. The diagnostic casts are sent to Tacoma, Washington for the appliance to be created.  

5. After about 2-3 weeks, the patient receives the appliance which is then adjusted to optimally balance the throat, tongue, and jaw. Often initial positive results occur even at this early stage! 

6. At first, adjustments and maintenance of the appliance need to be made on a weekly basis. Later, the duration for the maintenance visits will occur every few months depending on individual needs.



This information is intended to provide insight and understanding of oral functions and the science of Oral System Biology®. This science is dental, not medical, and is not a substitute for medical care or advice. 

Benefits of Oral System Biology® therapy outside of the oral system are not the intended result and may reflect an increase adaptive capacity. Patients may be asked to see their medical providers during Oral System Biology® care and it is never wrong to keep them informed of other health care.