Watch and read how Oral System Biology® has helped transform our patients' lives!


Missy -   Hear about the dramatic positive changes she experienced after 10 years of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!

"I immediately felt like I had way more energy…I didn’t feel like I wanted to fall asleep all the time, which is how I was feeling before.  I actually woke up before my alarm, which never happens.  Before, it was always like dragging myself out of bed.  I’m not achy!  I feel really good!"


Daniel -  

"It really changed countless things!  Headaches did go away.  I really remember the first night I had a working appliance...The morning after, I woke up and I went outside, and I cried because I had never felt that good."

Stephanie (mother of 2-year-old Penny) -

"Her body sighed when the appliance went in. I notice an alertness. The color in her skin is beautiful.  I wouldn't take them things out (her appliances) for any amount of money!" 

Marie - 

On the 16 Sept. 2007 I came to Dr. Whitley. I have fibromyalgia, and my pain levels have been about 9/10 over a period of years. He fitted me with a temporary bottom mouthpiece. I immediately felt some relief, and by the next day my pain was down to about 4/10….every day I get more used to the mouthpiece and my pain is down to 1/10.

Shawn - 

"The first time I put it (the Oral System Biology® appliance) in I felt like I could breathe.  I felt like my whole body just completely calmed down.  The neck pain went away almost immediately and my back's almost completely gone."  

Matthew - 

"Before I met Dr. Wayne Whitley on February 2, 2015, I was having terrible nighttime insomnia and daytime fatigue... I also regularly experienced hypoxic (low-oxygen) headaches... These symptoms had persisted for several years, defying all medical diagnosis and treatment...after just two weeks of OSB, I would rate my improvement as significant and I am hopeful and looking forward to ongoing improvement."

Marcus - 

"Four or five years ago I started having what my dentist called 'TMJ side effects'...pain in my neck and back...and head...numbness in my fingers...allergies...digestive problems...When I first got the Oral System Biology®  appliances...I could tell there was an immediate change!"

Lori -  

"I was diagnosed with MS in Jan. 2002, the past 5 years have been constant fatigue and sleepiness. I have also had a persistent numbness in my left hand…. Within 30 min of first placing the appliance in the numbness in my hand reduced about 50% and that night I had the best sleep I have had in years.

...The past 9 or 10 mo. have been great. No new symptoms, the longest length I have gone without new ones. Oral System Biology®  has been a truly positive experience! Thanks Dr. Whitley!"

Mark - 

"Before I got this appliance, I wouldn't have the energy or the mental clarity to actually do things.  Now when I wake up in the morning I can just go!" 

Shauna -  

"Their (twin boys) sleep is so much better!  There were times that they would wake up either gagging or coughing and they don't do that anymore at all.  I think their cognitive abilities have improved."

Tracey -  

"Shortly after having the appliance installed our family went swimming usually my husband would lay by the pool and sleep but once he began sleeping through the night he suddenly had energy to play in the pool with our 8 yr old daughter. When we left the pool that day she said ‘I can’t believe Daddy played with me today, he never does that!

My husband’s decision to be fitted with the dental appliance has not only improved his health but has been a blessing to our whole family."

Denise -  

"I've been wearing the appliance for about 4 years now.  Right away I saw symptoms of sleep apnea disappear, which was amazing!  It's taken the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and diminished those pretty much I'd say about 99% !" 

Patty -  

"Probably the biggest difference is that I'm not reactive...I have time to think.  I was having a lot of trouble driving.  Now I don't think about it.  I can get in the car and drive without a lot of stress and anxiety."  

Bonnie -

"…[Dr. Whitley] has known my physical and emotional conditions throughout the years…my "driven" need to control and fix situations, and my growing ‘phobias’.

Within days of wearing Oral System Biology®  (OSB), I was able to sleep through the night…waking more refreshed and energetic. I found myself calm and facing events of the day with confidence. My blood pressure stabilized and my general practitioner’s diagnosis of being ‘locked in adrenaline overdrive’ seemed to subside...

...I continue to be amazed with what OSB has done for me, I am so grateful to Dr. Whitley and his wonderfully positive and supportive staff. They have affirmed me as a unique creation of God and have encouraged me to live each day with hope and renewed strength."  

Summer -  

"I'm Summer, Dr. Whitley's assistant.  I was really a patient as I was learning to work with it [OSB®].  The number one symptom that went away first was the neck pain.  Since I have gotten my appliance I haven't had a panic attack...Also I've had much less nasal congestion."

Tracy - 

"Before I got the appliance I couldn't get off the couch.  I was dizzy.  Within a matter of days I had loads of energy.  I was out walking and swimming and doing all kinds of things I hadn't been able to do before!" 

Julie -  

"After the first week, I took my appliance out for a couple of nights to see if it was really responsible for my dramatic improvements or if it was just a coincidence.  Guess what!  My headaches, nausea and shortness of breath immediately returned. Didn't take this idiot long to put that appliance back in.  I can't wait until I get permanent one!" 

Michelle -  

"Well for me it's a lifesaver!   I had high blood pressure, severe back pain, and all kinds of headaches and stomach issues.  Since I put on the [appliance], ... no more high blood pressure, no more back pain, no more headaches, and no more stomachaches."

Holly -  

"The first thing I noticed...I can breathe...all the way down to the bottom of my lungs.  It feels so good!"

David -

"Dr. Whitley said it may be a few weeks before I would experience the full benefit of the appliance, but I began to notice some positive effects right away.  I began to breathe more easily and could feel the oxygen flowing through my body. I stopped having to clear my throat constantly.  I was more able to breathe deeply through my nose where before I had to take most breaths through my mouth.

Within just a few hours, my constant neck and shoulder pain began to subside.  This was something I had lived with for over 8 years and for which I thought there was no relief.  After restfully sleeping through the entire night, I awoke with a new feeling of energy and mental clarity which I had not experienced since my mid twenties.  I now look forward to better health, less pain, less stress over little things, and a calmer, happier, more peaceful life."  

Tim - 

"I have been having chronic health issues for over 20 years.  I highly recommend the Oral System Biology®  device!  It's helped me on a path toward health."

Ashlie - 

"Before I had my appliance I would melt down a lot...even small tasks were extremely overwhelming. Now that I have the appliance, I can totally handle even difficult situations."

Jack - 

"At age 57, I thought my life was slowly slipping away. For months I was tired and ‘rundown’ and had no energy whatsoever.  Along with the constant fatigue and snoring, I began experience headaches, slurred speech, memory loss, loss of coordination and balance, increased heart rate, and tremors in my hands and legs.  I thought these symptoms were all part of the aging process and tried to accept them...

After 4 visits with my family doctor, an emergency visit by paramedics, a visit with a cardiologist and 3 EKGs, a thallium stress test, a chest x-ray and a CT scan of my head, all I found out was that my cholesterol was up. According the medical community they could find nothing wrong.

I was fortunate to find a licensed Oral System Biology®  practitioner who explained the cause of just about every symptom I was experiencing.  He fashioned an appliance that I have been wearing for 3 weeks now, and have not felt this good in a long time.  I sleep through the night and wake up totally refreshed.  My heart rate is down and normal. I have had no more tremors in my arms and hands.  And my balance and coordination has returned to what it used to be...

It is with profound sense of appreciation that I say thank you Doctor Whitley.  Thank you, for all your effort and the OSB system."



This information is intended to provide insight and understanding of oral functions and the science of Oral System Biology®. This science is dental, not medical, and is not a substitute for medical care or advice. 

Benefits of Oral System Biology® therapy outside of the oral system are not the intended result and may reflect an increase adaptive capacity. Patients may be asked to see their medical providers during Oral System Biology® care and it is never wrong to keep them informed of other health care.