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WHAT IF by simply realigning your tongue you could breathe deeper, get more oxygen, decrease the adrenaline in your bloodstream, which would allow the body to begin to heal?

WHAT IF a simple, custom, comfortable mouth piece that realigned your tongue would allow you to breathe optimally and begin to allow your body to heal itself?

It is called Oral System Balancing (OSB).  The human oral system is comprised of 3 vital functions; breathing, swallowing and speaking.  If any of these are impaired our body will do anything it can to compensate and keep those three functions, well…functioning. 

When our bodies perform a function that is automatic, heart beating, lungs breathing, swallowing air, food, saliva, it is called

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

When the body has difficulty with these 3 vital systems, it sends a signal to the ‘control center’ aka ‘the brain’ saying, “Houston, we have a problem!”

If we ignore the body’s signal for help, the body will begin to weaken.  It will send other signals in the form of physical ailments like migraines, snoring, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, body aches and pains and ‘other mysterious’ diseases

Interview with Dr. Wayne WhitleyTed Schubel B101.5

Listen as Ted Schubel of B101.5 travels to the office of Dr. Wayne Whitley in Fredericksburg, Virginia to talk about Oral System Balancing.

Read testimonies from patients singing the praises of Dr. Wayne L. Whitley and the incredible relief they have found with the OSB Navigator Appliance Therapy.

We call it a Navigator because the very definition of a navigator is an instrument or device that assists in directing the course of a vessel or aircraft. In this case, directing the tongue.

 “It is a miracle!” say many of Dr. Whitley’s patients.  “It is,” he replies.  “It is science.”  Get the tongue out of the way so that you can breathe optimally and get sufficient oxygen.

In all his dental and medical training, Dr. Whitley says that he was never taught about the tongue.

When Dr. Whitley found himself in pain and in distress he became his own patient.

“When I have my Navigator appliance in my mouth, I think clearer, my mind is focused and I have control over my thoughts and actions.”

His family is thrilled he found the help with OSB.

Now he is passionate to help you begin your healing.

No surgery, no drugs, no long term therapy appointments.

Do not suffer one more day!

Believe that you can feel better. Believe that God created the body to work optimally. We are here to be His hands.

What does the Navigator look like?

Small, comfortable, wearable

The Navigator
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