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A young woman faced each day trying to control relentless headaches, pain and fatigue just to function and get through the day. This changed with OSB therapy, and for her, the difference was "like night and day." She happily recalls the first time she experienced true relief, along with a renewed hope for her life.
Eric Rossman's parents had exhausted their efforts to find help for their son, diagnosed with autism - and felt him slipping away. Listen as the family recounts Eric's profound response to OSB Therapy, and how they got to know someone they lived with, but had never really met.
Diane knows what it means to lose hold of her day-to-day life and then get it back again, using OSB therapy. "I hope people will hear my story and understand that they can get the help they need."
A successful television voiceover artist, Josh was devastated when his strong, clear voice was reduced to a whisper several years ago. Watch this clear demonstration of how the advanced science of OSB is giving Josh a voice again.
Gerald was so short of breath he struggled just to walk across a room. Listen to how OSB therapy has given Gerald more than he ever imagined possible.
Born with a rare genetic disorder, an infant struggled for every breath. Watch the remarkable transformation of a pale and listless baby John as an OSB oral device provides breath and aliveness not otherwise possible.
Prior to OSB therapy, Dr. Coe was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and unable to practice medicine for four years. "I don't believe hardly anything...yet I cannot argue with what happened, which was very dramatic and changed everything."