"Before I met Dr. Wayne Whitley on February 2, 2015, I was having terrible nighttime insomnia and daytime fatigue... I also regularly experienced hypoxic (low-oxygen) headaches... These symptoms had persisted for several years, defying all medical diagnosis and treatment...after just two weeks of OSB, I would rate my improvement as significant and I am hopeful and looking forward to ongoing improvement."



"I was diagnosed with MS in Jan. 2002, the past 5 years have been constant fatigue and sleepiness. I have also had a persistent numbness in my left hand…. Within 30 min of first placing the appliance in the numbness in my hand reduced about 50% and that night I had the best sleep I have had in years.

...The past 9 or 10 mo. have been great. No new symptoms, the longest length I have gone without new ones. Oral System Biology® has been a truly positive experience! Thanks Dr. Whitley!"



"Shortly after having the appliance installed our family went swimming usually my husband would lay by the pool and sleep but once he began sleeping through the night he suddenly had energy to play in the pool with our 8 yr old daughter. When we left the pool that day she said ‘I can’t believe Daddy played with me today, he never does that!

My husband’s decision to be fitted with the dental appliance has not only improved his health but has been a blessing to our whole family."



"…[Dr. Whitley] has known my physical and emotional conditions throughout the years…my "driven" need to control and fix situations, and my growing ‘phobias’.

Within days of wearing Oral System Biology® (OSB), I was able to sleep through the night…waking more refreshed and energetic. I found myself calm and facing events of the day with confidence. My blood pressure stabilized and my general practitioner’s diagnosis of being ‘locked in adrenaline overdrive’ seemed to subside...

...I continue to be amazed with what OSB has done for me, I am so grateful to Dr. Whitley and his wonderfully positive and supportive staff. They have affirmed me as a unique creation of God and have encouraged me to live each day with hope and renewed strength."



"Dr. Whitley said it may be a few weeks before I would experience the full benefit of the appliance, but I began to notice some positive effects right away. I began to breathe more easily and could feel the oxygen flowing through my body. I stopped having to clear my throat constantly. I was more able to breathe deeply through my nose where before I had to take most breaths through my mouth.

Within just a few hours, my constant neck and shoulder pain began to subside. This was something I had lived with for over 8 years and for which I thought there was no relief. After restfully sleeping through the entire night, I awoke with a new feeling of energy and mental clarity which I had not experienced since my mid twenties. I now look forward to better health, less pain, less stress over little things, and a calmer, happier, more peaceful life."



"At age 57, I thought my life was slowly slipping away. For months I was tired and ‘rundown’ and had no energy whatsoever. Along with the constant fatigue and snoring, I began experience headaches, slurred speech, memory loss, loss of coordination and balance, increased heart rate, and tremors in my hands and legs. I thought these symptoms were all part of the aging process and tried to accept them...

After 4 visits with my family doctor, an emergency visit by paramedics, a visit with a cardiologist and 3 EKGs, a thallium stress test, a chest x-ray and a CT scan of my head, all I found out was that my cholesterol was up. According the medical community they could find nothing wrong.

I was fortunate to find a licensed Oral System Biology® practitioner who explained the cause of just about every symptom I was experiencing. He fashioned an appliance that I have been wearing for 3 weeks now, and have not felt this good in a long time. I sleep through the night and wake up totally refreshed. My heart rate is down and normal. I have had no more tremors in my arms and hands. And my balance and coordination has returned to what it used to be...

It is with profound sense of appreciation that I say thank you Doctor Whitley. Thank you, for all your effort and the OSB system."



I have known my husband for 10 years and in all that time he has had chronic problems. His nasal allergies were so severe that he would have persistent sneezing fits lasting sometimes fifteen minutes long with one sneeze after another producing copious amounts of mucous. These allergies were so severe and disgusting that even our closest family members refused to dine with us.

My husband was a very heavy breather and often at night accompanied by snoring his breathing became even more labored. He would wake up in the night with sneezing fits and would take small terry cloth towels to bed with him, as a box of tissues would not last him one night. During the day if he sat for even a few minutes he would fall asleep. On more than one occasion he fell asleep while driving.

Over the years he has tried every allergy medication available none of which alleviated his allergies and most of which aggravated an already irregular heartbeat and raised his blood pressure to dangerous levels. When Dr. Whitley mentioned that he thought my husband’s problems could be alleviated with a dental appliance I was extremely skeptical. However, within a few minutes of being fitted with the appliance his sinus congestion cleared and I saw him breathing through his nose for the first time. His breathing was quiet and easy, not raspy and labored. As the appliance was being fitted, it would be taken out of his mouth for a few minutes and the congestion and sneezing would immediately return as the appliance was placed back in his mouth, the congestion and sneezing immediately cleared.

The first night he slept with the appliance in his mouth, he had the first restful night sleep he could ever remember. I was also the first time he could remember sleeping through the night. I, on the other hand, was used to his labored breathing and loud snoring and found it difficult to sleep in the suddenly quiet bedroom. However, within a few days I adjusted to the quiet and I too began to sleep better than I had in years.

Shortly after having the appliance installed our family went swimming. Usually my husband would lay by the pool and sleep but once he began to sleep through the night he suddenly had energy to play in the pool with our eight year old daughter. When we left the pool that day she said, “I can’t believe Daddy played with me today, he never does that!”

My husband’s decision to be fitted with the dental appliance has not only improved his health but has been a blessing to our whole family. - Susan

M. Cooper

I have had numerous health problems for over thirty years and have had a lot of doctors and spent a lot of money without much relief. I saw Dr. Whitley’s paper (testimony) and it sounded like me. I got my mouth pieces 2 weeks ago and I started feeling better right away. The muscle pain I had been having for years was gone. I slept through the night without waking right away. I have upper dentures and I was concerned because I could never keep them in when I sleep. I have not had a problem keeping them in at all. My mouth and body feel at rest with my appliances. I don’t like to have them out at all. My skin has cleared up so much and my color is better. My mind is clearer and my eye sight seems better. If I never get any better I would be grateful for the improvement I have, but I feel excited because it’s only been two weeks and I feel great! M. Cooper

Marie- Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Whitley, APPRECIATION FOR THE USE OF THE MOUTHPIECE. In September I came to see Dr. Whitley. I have fibromyalgia and my pain levels had been about 9/10 over a period of years. He fitted me with a temporary bottom mouthpiece. I immediately felt some relief and by the very next day my pain was about 4/10.

When I was fitted for a top mouthpiece it felt like I was breathing through an oxygen mask and wanted to sleep. I went home and slept for 4 hours. My pain went down to a 2/10.

Since fitting the mouthpiece I have experienced some tightness in my jaw with a slight headache along with a few mouth sores, but every day I get more used to the mouthpiece and my pain is down to 1/10. My blood pressure has been exceptionally low all my life, and now for the first time it is over 100. This has reduced the amount of food I have to eat to keep up the energy levels in my body. I am thankful for the opportunity to walk with this mouthpiece and be free from pain.

Marie- Pretoria, South Africa


I have had headaches for 10 years. I was also diagnosed with MS about 4 months after the headaches began. I had to quit my job and live in pain.

I have seen about 10 neurologists, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists…all to no avail! I am married with 2 kids and my husband and children saw me suffer from horrible headaches 5 times a week, falling episodes, and numbness on the whole right side of my body. A good family friend became an OSB practitioner and worked with me through thick and thin! I went from 5 horrible headaches a week to maybe 2 a month. I am very blessed and so thankful! As for the MS the balance has stopped any symptoms whatsoever! I feel as thou I truly no longer have MS! Thank You LORD and Dr. Whitley. – Jenna


Dr. Dr. Whitley, Since I have been on the OSB therapy, I feel like I have gotten a new lease on life. I feel so much better physically and emotionally for all the following reasons:

  1. I’m getting a better night sleep with getting more oxygen to my brain and not snoring so much. I wake up feeling more rested than usual, and don’t drag for hours in the morning like I used to do. It seems like I have more energy.
  2. I have not dosed off at the wheel at stop lights from being so fatigued and I don’t have a snack while driving to stay awake when very tired after a hard day’s work.
  3. I have noticed that I no longer have food cravings like I used to have. I felt like I needed something to give me an energy boost many times during the day.
  4. I am handling stressful situations better and I am not as depressed as I used to be.
  5. I have not had a choking episode since I got my appliance which I used to have sometimes from gastric reflux.
  6. I used to have a strange pain in the back of my head intermittently that would occur especially if I became stressed about something. That pain has gone away.
  7. I have not noticed myself having to pull my shoulders back to straighten up like I used when I felt humped over. So all in all, the OSB appliance has been a real blessing to me and I am so thankful that God spoke so you could help me. You and your staff have all been a real blessing to me and I pray God will reward you all for your devotion to helping people with OSB therapy. –Becky

Kathyrn B.

I got my first OSB appliance in Feb. My husband noticed an immediate improvement in my posture and even more dramatic to him was the cessation of all my night-time snoring. The next week, I got the upper appliance and there has been a continuous improvement in my posture, my energy level and my general outlook on life. It is remarkable how much more at peace I feel now. The changes were not so remarkable on an immediate level, although often after an adjustment, I could notice a difference but the difference is on so many ‘levels’ so it’s kinda hard to pinpoint specific things that change. However, now after 2 months of weekly adjustments, it is phenomenal the changes and differences!

On rare occasions, I will forget to wear my appliance overnight and the next morning I feel less ‘rested’, less alert, more irritable and my husband always tells me I snored again! I never want to go back to NO OSB again. – Kathyrn B.


Deep sleep that also allows for more ‘dream’ time. The result is a more rested feeling during the day. During the day, I am able to maintain greater focus and my wife noticed I was more ‘present’ with the family and her. That may not sound like much but having ADD it is a big deal and it came without medication. – David

Anne W

For almost thirty years, each new dentist in the area of my husband’s Marine Corps duty station would make me aware of my tendency to grind my teeth at night. The prevailing theory seemed to be that grinding my teeth was my way of dealing with the day’s frustrations. Dr. Whitley had a different theory when he introduced me to the OSB system. He believed that the grinding was my body’s attempt to align my air passages helping to bring needed oxygen into my lungs, bloodstream and every organ of my body, including my failing eyes.

I was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins University with Retinitis Pigmentosa or tunnel vision. It is a progressive condition with no known cause, cure or treatment. Eye appointments seem to be made simply to record the downhill progression of a tunnel that gets smaller and may finally result in total darkness. Dr. Whitley was hopeful that the OSB system could reverse the deteriorating vision that was threatening my independence and my ability to care for my family. I was amazed that there could possibly be any connection between my teeth grinding and my vision.

Knowing Dr. Whitley to be a man of integrity, I chose to follow the path of hope that he offered. After receiving my mouth splint, not only did my muscles relax and my night grinding stop, but my visual field began to expand in a measurable way! As my body has become more properly alighned, my vision has continued to improve significantly. Now, by the grace of God, I am looking forward to better vision instead of declining or no vision. I am so grateful and feeling incredibly blessed to be Dr. Whitley’s patient and a recipient of the new OSB technology.

  • Anne W. – Alexander, VA

Barbara Bennett

My name is Barbara Bennett. I am 48 year old and I have had numerous medical problems such as bad headaches, sinus, snoring problems, joint pain and I woke up every day of my life with headaches, tired and felt like I had never been to bed. I would find myself getting up during the night feeling like I could not breath and head pounding. Taking pills is another nightmare as they get hung in my throat even if I drink a lot of water it doesn’t help. After getting my appliance, I can now breath better, my snoring is so much better and I can now swallow my pills much better and the headaches are so much better as well. I am so glad that I have my appliances. I now feel like I have a better quality of life after having gotten it. I’ve only been wearing a lower since December, and in January, I received my upper appliance. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful changes it is going to make in my life. It can only get better.


I have suffered since 1991 with so many painful medical problems that it often felt hopeless. I came to see Dr. Whitley for a cracked filling and he looked down at me and asked why I was on oxygen. I told him my oxygen levels were very low and he said, “I can fix that for you.” I have been in so much pain and suffering for such a long time, it seemed too good to be true, but I took the leap of faith. That was about two months ago and now I have a feeling of such relief from my Fibromyalgia pain, my scoliosis pain, my high blood pressure and I do not wear oxygen any more. My energy levels are up to what they used to be when I was a young woman! I am so grateful to Dr. Whitley for being the pioneer in our lifetime and to God for bringing me here to lift the chronic pain from my body. – Thank you, Karen

Wayne H

Before trying the dental appliance, I was a light sleeper and woke up each morning tired, with a dry mouth, and sinus congestion. My wife complained of my snoring. Since trying the dental appliance, my sleep is much deeper, even having dreams again. I wake up feeling refreshed (after 8 hours or more of sleep) no dry mouth and little to no sinus congestion. My wife says I rarely snore anymore. My oxygen levels went from the low 90’s to the upper 90’s. I look forward to more benefits over time with the increased oxygen intake and the deep, restful, restorative sleep. Thank you, Wayne H.