Anne W

For almost thirty years, each new dentist in the area of my husband’s Marine Corps duty station would make me aware of my tendency to grind my teeth at night. The prevailing theory seemed to be that grinding my teeth was my way of dealing with the day’s frustrations. Dr. Whitley had a different theory when he introduced me to the OSB system. He believed that the grinding was my body’s attempt to align my air passages helping to bring needed oxygen into my lungs, bloodstream and every organ of my body, including my failing eyes.

I was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins University with Retinitis Pigmentosa or tunnel vision. It is a progressive condition with no known cause, cure or treatment. Eye appointments seem to be made simply to record the downhill progression of a tunnel that gets smaller and may finally result in total darkness. Dr. Whitley was hopeful that the OSB system could reverse the deteriorating vision that was threatening my independence and my ability to care for my family. I was amazed that there could possibly be any connection between my teeth grinding and my vision.

Knowing Dr. Whitley to be a man of integrity, I chose to follow the path of hope that he offered. After receiving my mouth splint, not only did my muscles relax and my night grinding stop, but my visual field began to expand in a measurable way! As my body has become more properly alighned, my vision has continued to improve significantly. Now, by the grace of God, I am looking forward to better vision instead of declining or no vision. I am so grateful and feeling incredibly blessed to be Dr. Whitley’s patient and a recipient of the new OSB technology.

  • Anne W. – Alexander, VA