Kathyrn B.

I got my first OSB appliance in Feb. My husband noticed an immediate improvement in my posture and even more dramatic to him was the cessation of all my night-time snoring. The next week, I got the upper appliance and there has been a continuous improvement in my posture, my energy level and my general outlook on life. It is remarkable how much more at peace I feel now. The changes were not so remarkable on an immediate level, although often after an adjustment, I could notice a difference but the difference is on so many ‘levels’ so it’s kinda hard to pinpoint specific things that change. However, now after 2 months of weekly adjustments, it is phenomenal the changes and differences!

On rare occasions, I will forget to wear my appliance overnight and the next morning I feel less ‘rested’, less alert, more irritable and my husband always tells me I snored again! I never want to go back to NO OSB again. – Kathyrn B.