M. Cooper

I have had numerous health problems for over thirty years and have had a lot of doctors and spent a lot of money without much relief. I saw Dr. Whitley’s paper (testimony) and it sounded like me. I got my mouth pieces 2 weeks ago and I started feeling better right away. The muscle pain I had been having for years was gone. I slept through the night without waking right away. I have upper dentures and I was concerned because I could never keep them in when I sleep. I have not had a problem keeping them in at all. My mouth and body feel at rest with my appliances. I don’t like to have them out at all. My skin has cleared up so much and my color is better. My mind is clearer and my eye sight seems better. If I never get any better I would be grateful for the improvement I have, but I feel excited because it’s only been two weeks and I feel great! M. Cooper