I have known my husband for 10 years and in all that time he has had chronic problems. His nasal allergies were so severe that he would have persistent sneezing fits lasting sometimes fifteen minutes long with one sneeze after another producing copious amounts of mucous. These allergies were so severe and disgusting that even our closest family members refused to dine with us.

My husband was a very heavy breather and often at night accompanied by snoring his breathing became even more labored. He would wake up in the night with sneezing fits and would take small terry cloth towels to bed with him, as a box of tissues would not last him one night. During the day if he sat for even a few minutes he would fall asleep. On more than one occasion he fell asleep while driving.

Over the years he has tried every allergy medication available none of which alleviated his allergies and most of which aggravated an already irregular heartbeat and raised his blood pressure to dangerous levels. When Dr. Whitley mentioned that he thought my husband’s problems could be alleviated with a dental appliance I was extremely skeptical. However, within a few minutes of being fitted with the appliance his sinus congestion cleared and I saw him breathing through his nose for the first time. His breathing was quiet and easy, not raspy and labored. As the appliance was being fitted, it would be taken out of his mouth for a few minutes and the congestion and sneezing would immediately return as the appliance was placed back in his mouth, the congestion and sneezing immediately cleared.

The first night he slept with the appliance in his mouth, he had the first restful night sleep he could ever remember. I was also the first time he could remember sleeping through the night. I, on the other hand, was used to his labored breathing and loud snoring and found it difficult to sleep in the suddenly quiet bedroom. However, within a few days I adjusted to the quiet and I too began to sleep better than I had in years.

Shortly after having the appliance installed our family went swimming. Usually my husband would lay by the pool and sleep but once he began to sleep through the night he suddenly had energy to play in the pool with our eight year old daughter. When we left the pool that day she said, “I can’t believe Daddy played with me today, he never does that!”

My husband’s decision to be fitted with the dental appliance has not only improved his health but has been a blessing to our whole family. - Susan